Skills Route

  • Do you take care of the skill development of students, PhD students or fellows from European Programmes?
  • Are you responsible for career services in a university or college and would like to enhance the employability of your students?
  • Are you a Principle Investigator or otherwise responsible for a scientific research program and would like to ensure that cooperation, project management and presentation skills in your team are fit for purpose?
  • Are you a student, PhD student or fellow from a European Programme and would like to enhance your soft skills and capabilities?

As a cooperation of independent consultants and trainers with a MINT background, we offer a variety of workshops focusing on communication, project management and personal development. Our offer includes „Routes“ to combine content aiming to improve team work (Sailing the ocean), to support PhD candidates (Crossing the mountain pass) or mastering break situations (Going across the desert). An overview is in our Skills-Route booklet (15,5 MB).

We also offer to analyze your specific needs together with you and provide tailored learning experiences.

What all our workshops and „Routes“ have in common: it’s always hands-on, interactive and based on doing rather than listening. We are convinced (and backed by neuroscientific research) that this approach is the most effective for enhancing your skills.

We provide our content either in English or in German, some workshops are also available in Spanish.