Crossing the mountain pass

Support for PhD candidates in their way to the doctorate degree


Großglockner, Austria

From the valley to the top!
We are at your assistance for climbing the mountain.


The aim of this Skills-Route is to support PhD candidates in the way to their doctorate degree. This Skills Route has three parts:

Part 1

Supporting the beginning phase of the doctorate giving the PhD candidates information in Workshops about themes like:

  • Team management
  • Project management
  • Scientific writing
  • Presentation skills
Part 2

Individual coaching of the PhD candidates during their doctorate period. The coaching frequency will be agreed as appropriate; however, we recommend at least one coaching session every 6 weeks.

Part 3

Supporting the PhD candidates on the planning of their future activities after the presentation of their Doctoral Thesis.


We prepare individual offers adapted to the necessities of the PhD candidates and their research institutions.